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Dash Dot Creations has its own Montion Capture system. We use it to record animations for games, teasers, layouts and pre-visualizations. The system allows for mapping traffic actor by putting on his body appropriately placed markers. Their position is then registered by the cameras. This way allows us to generate virtual form of realistic movement.
- The technology that we offer is based on Optitrack system, with 36 cameras. Motion Capture recording can be done at a speed of 120 frames per second, which allows to capture fast and dynamic form of movement. Its working area is 5-70 sqm. We offer a complete preparation session from planning, through the use of professional actors, recording and delivery of final animation on the selected model form.
We had the opportunity to work on such works as The Witcher III, Dead Island, Dieing Lights, Kaboo, Real Boxing, War of mine, XO and many, many more.